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Ideas for t-shirt packaging

pizza box for t-shirts

Once, I ordered a t-shirt just to see how the packaging was.

I was searching for an original packaging, so I though “Let’s see what the others are doing”, so I ordered a t-shirt.

It was a famous brand and t-shirts were not cheap (around $35). If you live in Europe you may know the brand – Superdry.

I was expecting something amazing. And then, order arrived.

It was a plastic bag. Not promising much. “Maybe inside there’s a wonderful package”.

No, it wasn’t. T-shirt was packaged in a clear plastic bag. You can find lot’s of fake Superdry t-shirts in chinese web sites. I am sure these fake sellers have better packages than the real brand. Worse is impossible.

And, by the way, no card, thanking for my purchase. No coupon. Just instructions on how to return merchandise.

Your t-shirt packaging design matters.

T-shirt customers love design and they’ll be disappointed if you don’t have an original package.

Luckily for you, t-shirts have roughly the same format, which means you’ll only need one kind of package.

If you’re selling on-line and intend to send your t-shirts with only one package, then the package should be strong enough to resist mail transportation and delivery. Continue reading Ideas for t-shirt packaging

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5 best theme ideas for t-shirt designs

This list with theme ideas for t-shirt designs is based on two things:

  • Number of searches in Google, Bing and others.
  • My experience in selling all kinds and designs, both on brick and mortar stores and online stores

So, if you have doubts about what kind of designs may be more successful, this can help you.

Let’s start. Continue reading 5 best theme ideas for t-shirt designs