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How to buy blank t-shirts

If you want to buy blank t-shirts (without any print on it) you have two options.

1 – Buying ready made blank t-shirts

Originally the market for blank t-shirts was targeted to merchandising and advertising companies.

These companies bought t-shirts with their logo on to give away in contests, music festivals and others. As the t-shirts were not for sale, the only item really important was price.

These t-shirts were very cheap (less than $1), but the quality was very bad.

Even thought, some designers started using theses t-shirts for screen printing  their designs and selling them.

A new market was born. Some blank t-shirt wholesalers introduced better quality shirts for this new market. From now on, you could find quality blank t-shirts at good price.

Today, if you search for “blank t-shirts” you will find dozens of manufacturers and wholesalers. Some of them have big catalogues with different models and colors.

If you want blank t-shirts, this is your first option and usually the best option, especially if you sell men’s t-shirts.

2 – Ordering custom made blank t-shirts

If you don’t find what you want in ready made t-shirts, you can order custom made t-shirts.

Finding very specific models, usually women’s t-shirts and kids t-shirts, can be very difficult. And also very specific colors. In this case you have to contact a garment manufacturer to make your order.

If the biggest advantage is the choice (model, color), the biggest disadvantages are price, minimum quantities and delivery time.

Prices are higher, a lot higher. If an average ready made t-shirt costs $2, a custom made model could cost $6 and up (depending on quantities). It looks a bad deal but think about it, it costs three times more, but it is only $4 more. If you make your customers to pay $6 or more, then this is a good deal.

The other problem is the minimum quantity. You can easily find wholesalers selling you 20 t-shirts, but a manufacturer will ask you a minimum of 1000 t-shirts, and maybe more.

If you’re looking for a supplier in China, be careful. If you go to Alibaba or other site, you’ll find minimum quantities of 100 t-shirts or less. But the truth is you cannot change the model or color, only the print. They work the same way as a blank t-shirt wholesaler. T-shirts are already made and ready to deliver.

If you really want custom t-shirts with your size specifications and colors, then the manufacturer will ask for a 1000 t-shirts order, as minimum.

There are other countries manufacturing t-shirts besides China, Vietnam and other Eastern Asian countries. Among them, USA, Mexico and in Europe: Portugal and Spain (which I know very well).